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Consumer confidence rises over lower inflation

By Hu Yuanyuan (China Daily)

08:53, November 07, 2012

Chinese consumers' confidence stabilized in the third quarter, due to lower inflation across all categories and double-digit disposable income growth in both urban and rural regions, research from Nielsen showed on Tuesday.

The quarterly consumer confidence index rose by 1 percentage point to 106 in the third quarter — 14 points ahead of the global average, according to Nielsen's survey. The index dropped to 105 in the second quarter, from 110 in the first quarter.

Less concern over inflation in the last quarter drove up confidence among consumers in first-tier cities, which posted a 10-point gain in willingness to spend in 2013.

CPI rose 1.9 percent year-on-year in September, easing from 2 percent in August, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. And quite a number of economists have estimated that it is likely to remain below 3 percent by the year's end.

"Consumer confidence is stable and their willingness to spend is increasing as consumers start to feel more positive about the future," said Yan Xuan, Nielsen's president in China.

Such a result, Yan said, was an encouraging indication of economic rebound next year.

With the purchasing managers' index climbing further in October, many economists believe that China's economy may have bottomed out in the third quarter

The PMI hit 50.2 in October, up from 49.8 in September, according to the bureau.

"The economy's growth has been steady, reflecting a slow but continuous rise in demand and more accommodative fiscal and monetary conditions," said Chang Jian, an economist with Barclays Capital.

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