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Myanmar gov't, Wa armed group agree on further cooperation


14:16, July 13, 2013

YANGON, July 13 (Xinhua) -- The Myanmar Government and "Wa" armed group, based in Wa Special Region-2 in northeastern Shan state, have agreed on further cooperation, official media reported Saturday.

In a political peace talks between the central government's peace making group, led by Vice Chairman U Thein Zaw and that of the Wa Group, led by U Kyauk Kaw An, held at Triangle Region Command Headquarters in Kengtung in Myanmar's eastern Shan State on Friday, the two sides have signed 5-point agreement, said the New Light of Myanmar.

The agreement said that the two sides agreed to maintain the already-achieved mutual understandings, trust and fine tradition of peace and continue making cooperation for reaching eternal peace through constructive discussions.

Both sides also agreed to make mutual cooperation between the Union Government and "Wa" Special Region (2) in development of the region and eradication of narcotic drugs.

The two sides initiated the first peace talks in Lashio, northern Shan state, in October 2011 and the second one in northeastern Shan state in December of the year.

Under President U Thein Sein's peace offer to internal armed groups in August 2011, peace making has been carried out in three phases -- the first phase is to cease-fire, set up liaison offices and travel without holding arms to each other's territory, while the second phase is confidence building, holding political dialogue, implement regional development tasks in terms of education, health and communication, and the third phase is to sign agreement for eternal peace in the presence of the parliament represented by nationalities, political parties and different walks of life.

The government claimed that so far, 10 out of 11 ethnic armed groups have signed preliminary peace pacts with the government at state or central levels since President U Thein Sein announced peace offer with ethnic armed groups in August 2011.

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