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Transparency watchdog to deploy 822 observers for Cambodia's parliamentary polls


19:41, July 11, 2013

PHNOM PENH, July 11 (Xinhua) -- The Cambodian branch of Transparency International said Thursday that it will deploy 822 nonpartisan election observers for Cambodia's fifth parliamentary election on July 28.

Transparency International is a Berlin-headquartered global non- governmental body which studies bribery and corruption.

"The observers will be deployed across the country to a sample of randomly selected polling stations to gather information on the environment and the voting and counting process," the body said in a statement.

"Transparency International-Cambodia will use the information collected by observers to draw accurate conclusions on the quality of the elections and will make a public report on its findings following the election," it said.

Some 20,546 national and 41 international observers have registered to monitor the forthcoming elections, National Election Committee chief Tep Nytha said Thursday, adding that the deadlines for the registration of national observers and international monitors are on July 18 and July 25 respectively.

Eight political parties will compete in the elections with about 9.67 million eligible voters.

Two main parties are the ruling Cambodian People's Party of incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen and the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party led by self-exiled leader Sam Rainsy.

In the last election in July 2008, Hun Sen's party won 90 seats out of 123 seats in the National Assembly, while the opposition group totally gained 29 seats.

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