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EU economic sanctions against Syria extends 1 year


11:43, June 01, 2013

BRUSSELS, May 31 (Xinhua) -- The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union (EU) on Friday announced to extend the economic sanctions against Syria for one year, said a EU statement.

According to the statement, the restrictive measures will apply until 1 June 2014 and include a number of export and import bans, such as oil embargo, as well as restrictions on investments, financial activity and the transport sector.

In addition, 179 persons associated with the violent repression in Syria are targeted with an asset freeze and a travel ban. 54 entities linked to the repressive policies, including the Central Bank of Syria, have their assets frozen within the EU.

Exports of arms and equipment that may be used for internal repression were not featured in Friday's decision.

The EU is mulling to supply arms and military equipment to Syrian opposition forces.

According to a declaration issue by the EU Foreign Affair Council on Monday, at the beginning of August, the council will adopt for a period of 12 months restrictive measures which include "export and import restrictions with the exception of arms and related material and equipment which might be used for internal repression".

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