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Car bomb blast injures Syrian Parliamentarian in Damascus


08:58, January 30, 2013

DAMASCUS, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- A Syrian Parliamentarian was injured Tuesday when an explosive device ripped through his car, as clashes continued unabatedly in the outskirts of the capital Damascus, local media said.

Abudul-Razzaq Qattini was wounded and hospitalized to a Damascus hospital, reports said without giving further details about his medical situation and details of the blast.

Targeting government officials and army officers became increasingly common as the anti-regime movements that have started as peaceful protests for just demands have evolved into a deadly civil in the 22-month-old crisis.

Separately, the clashes continued Tuesday in several hotspots around Damascus, local media and activists said.

The state-run SANA news agency said army units killed and injured large number of gunmen in the Damascus' suburbs of Awamid, Thiabieh, Babila, Sbaineh.

The oppositional Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London- based watchdog, said Syria's air force carried out several airstrikes on the eastern Ghouta towns just outside Damascus. It said explosions were heard in the suburb of Yalda due to the intense bombardment around it.

The observatory and local media also reported clashes and violence elsewhere in the conflict-engulfed country.

Amid the incessant violence, Syria's Prime Minister Wael al- Halqi ordered on Tuesday the formation of a committee that would be tasked with facilitating the return of displaced people in neighboring countries to their homes.

The premier said the committee would practically oversee the return of those displaced via border points.

The state-run Tishrin newspaper said earlier in the day that the prolonged crisis in Syria has displaced as many as 770 families and "left thousands of martyrs and wounded and other woes and tragedies."

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