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Egyptian president signs decree to enforce new constitution


08:29, December 27, 2012

CAIRO, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi signed late Tuesday a decree to enforce the new constitution after it was approved, official news agency MENA reported.

Yasser Ali, the presidential spokesperson, said Morsi has signed the decree and it will be published in official newspapers, added MENA.

Egyptian Supreme Elections Commission announced Tuesday evening that the newly-drafted constitution was approved by 63.8 percent of voters in the referendum.

The total turnout was 32.9 percent, as 17 million out of nearly 52 million eligible voters took part in the referendum.

Most liberals, leftists and Copts deemed that the draft constitution, written by the Islamist-dominated assembly, does not represent all Egyptians, especially after major representatives of the civil camp withdrew from the assembly due to unbridgeable division with the Islamic side on some of the articles.

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