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RATCH announces THB 6.9 bln profits in first nine months

By Sun Guangyong  (People's Daily Online)

11:24, November 15, 2012

Bangkok, Nov. 14 (People’s Daily Online)-- Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced today that the company’s 9-month operating performance continues strongly growing due to good management of asset efficiency.

The company’s assets include power plants in Thailand, Lao PDR and Australia with accumulated 5,300 megawatt installed capacity. In addition, it has driven development progress of the committed projects including THB 10 billion project financing completion of three projects.

RATCH is also ready for additional investment in 130 megawatts renewable energy in Australia and 600 megawatt power plant of a preliminary phase in Cambodia.

Mr. Noppol Milintanggoon, RATCH’s Chief Executive Officer, said that in the first 9 months the company reached target of its business plan.

The 103 megawatt Huay Bong 3 Wind Farm completed 45 wind turbine installations and has already generated electricity to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

The 103 megawatt Huay Bong 2 Wind Farm is under installation of wind turbines and expects commercial operation in January 2013.

The 8th Solar Farm project of Solarta Co., Ltd plans to operate at the end of this month.

Achievement of project financing for Solar Power project, Songkha Biomass and Ratchaburi World Cogeneration (RW) in the past 9 months has driven development progress aligned with a development timeline.

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