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Ferrari center breaks ground at cultural site in Shanghai

By Fei Lai   (Shanghai Daily)

14:08, December 29, 2012

Minhang'S "one park, one zone" project moved forward on December 18 with a ground-breaking ceremony for a new Ferrari center.

Jointly developed by the Minhang District government and the Scuderia Ferrari Club Shanghai, the facility will be a leisure arts and cultural showcase in the Italian style.

Located in Minhang Culture Park, the landmark project will cover 17.3 hectares and involve an investment of 800 million yuan (US$128.2 million).

It will bring together diverse activities such as horse stables, a racetrack, an auto cinema, golf and an Italian vineyard.

An exhibition of about 50 Ferrari cars of different vintages will crown the venue.

"The project addresses the government's call for vigorous development of the cultural industry," said Zhao Zhuping, deputy secretary of Minhang District government. "With its profound history and renowned craftsmanship, Ferrari not only has created the world's most famous car brand but also promoted the rich Italian culture behind it."

Cultural link

Ferrari can serve as a cultural link between China and Italy, and the venue will bring to the district an elegant European landscape, an enriched experience for local residents and an attractive new tourist destination, he added.

The site is expected to be a gathering spot for Formula One enthusiasts and a place where F1 racers from Ferrari can meet their fans in Shanghai during the annual race.

Zhu Yuhua, president of the China-Italy Association and Scuderia Ferrari Club Shanghai, said the company is proud of the way it has integrated fashion, art, sports, science and technology.

"This project will be dedicated to the promotion of the Ferrari brand and to the enhancement of international exchanges among domestic and overseas Ferrari owners and fans," Zhu said.

The "one park, one zone" concept comprises the Minhang Culture Park and the Qibao Ecological Business Zone.

The plan was first drawn up in 2005. The idea is to create a cultural platform that connects the world and attracts influential projects, integrating culture, science, technology and innovation.

"The Ferrari project complements this project beautifully," Zhu said.

The entire zone will span Wuzhong Road in the north, Caobao Road in the south, Hengli Port in the west and Outer Ring Road to the east.

The area is located 5.7 kilometers away from the district's Hongqiao Transport Hub, making transportation to the site convenient to serve people in Shanghai, the lower Yangtze River Delta and points beyond.

Park and zone

In support of the project, 342 companies and 776 households have been relocated from the redevelopment site in the past seven years.

"Relocation takes time and effort," said Ma Shunhua, Party secretary of Qibao Town in Minhang. "But in the interest of furthering cultural development, we think it is worthwhile."

According to the plan, the Minhang Culture Park will feature a new Minhang Museum, a research center for Shanghai art and two public squares where local residents can watch outdoor performances.

The Qibao Ecological Business Zone will contain, among other facilities, a new home for the Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group and the headquarters of the Shanghai Century Publishing Group.

Zhao Genfa, an official in charge of construction plans, said the business zone is attracting interest from world corporations and headquarters.

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