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Fairness of Gaokao protects Chinese Dream

(People's Daily Online)

14:48, June 08, 2013

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It is the time for the university entrance exam (Gaokao) arrives again.

Energetic students entered the exam rooms with their dreams. Their future might be changed here. This exam actually is their ceremonies of becoming adults. The fairness of this exam is a cliche; however, on the backdrop of Chinese Dream, it now has a deeper meaning which makes the exam this year more significant.

People are focusing on Gaokao with full attention. Families, communities, cities and society all make efforts to take the students taking the exam. This kind of overprotection is largely about protecting the fairness of the exam. There is nothing more desirable than fairness for Chinese people, so the hope for the exam is our hope for fairness. Therefore, to guarantee the exam's fairness in the exam is to protect our Chinese Dream.

The system that the exam decided students' fate has been broken and our diverse society is offering more and more opportunities, so the university entrance exam is no longer the only option for students to move upwards. However, we have to admit that Gaokao is still the most important channel for people to move upwards and to change the social stratum they are in; it is the major path for most people to change their future. In this case, people are paying attention to the exam to pursue their desire for fairness.

Speaking of the Chinese Dream, everyone has his own interpretation of the creative concept. People have different dreams, but as our life path has intersections, so do our Chinese Dreams. The most common and simple story of Chinese Dream is that a poor country boy fights his way out to a new world by going into a famous university and then finds a promising job, creates his own legend and offering other kids like himself opportunities and dreams. This is the Chinese Dream. It is not a pure imagination of one's future, but a vivid example and inspiration for younger generations; it is not one story about a person who succeed in moving upwards, but a story that can be repeated.Because of these repeatable stories, they can be labeled as the Chinese Dream.

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