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Ministry denies student can take exam as foreigner

(China Daily)

13:20, May 24, 2013

The Ministry of Education refutes media reports that a Chinese student without a Beijing hukou cannot take the college entrance exam in Beijing but he can do it after obtaining US citizenship, China Youth Daily reported Friday.

Media reported that a student, Zhang Tu, cannot take the college entrance exam in Beijing because he has no local hukou or registered permanent residence. After he obtained US citizenship, he could take the test, and even add 10 points for college admissions.

The Ministry of Education said the media reports are untrue. One unnamed official said some people obtain foreign citizenship in order to avoid the national college exam and take the test for foreign students. The ministry has banned this practice.

The rules say foreign applicants must hold a foreign passport or foreign nationality certificate for more than four years and have actually lived in that country for at least two of the last four years.

The official said foreign applicants for Chinese college entrance exam must meet the qualifications.

A staff member at Beijing Normal University also confirms students with foreign citizenship must meet those conditions when applying to take the college entrance exam for the university.

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