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Impostors found at uni exam

(Shanghai Daily)

15:56, March 04, 2013

Sisteen "students" were suspected of being impostors when they were found with questionable identity cards at yesterday's examination for specific majors at Shanghai University's arts departments.

The school used identity card checking machines for the first time during the exam and the machines couldn't read the information on 18 identity cards.

Photos on 16 identity cards were discovered to be very different from photos in the police database and those people were thought to be impostors intending to take the exam for the real students.

The university's officials said they talked to one suspected impostor yesterday morning. Though the person insisted he was the applicant himself, none of the 16 people with suspect identity cards showed up in the afternoon for another required exam.

The university yesterday held exams for arts applicants from four provinces - Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Anhui. All 16 students were from Jiangsu Province and some left the same contact phone number on their application form, the university discovered.

The university has reported the issue to Jiangsu's education examination authority. The 16 applicants will lose their qualification for the exam.

All students applying for arts majors must pass a profession-related exam before taking the college entrance examination in June. All 16 were applicants for the university's departments of painting and digital arts.

Arts majors are considered a shortcut for some students to enter college because the test score requirements aren't as stringent.

Officials also reminded other universities to be vigilant.

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