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Beidou navigation public platform uses satellite technology


13:31, July 29, 2013

Beijing is going to set up a navigation platform across the city, covering areas such as public security, transportation and agriculture.

For most drivers, a good navigation system can point them in the right direction. But that’s not all it can do.

Here in the capital, Beijing is ready to become what’s called a smart city. With the help, in part, of the country’s satellite navigation system known as Beidou, which in English means the Big Dipper.

Liu Dong, Deputy Manager, Beidou Navigation Service Company, said, "The platform will provide services for government, industry and individuals. Beidou will make it easier for users to locate other people. This function is particularly suitable for those looking after the elderly and children."

The locator function lets users know the status of their charge via laptop and cell phone, thanks to a terminal device.

"You can see my child’s route to the school from time to time. And here is a route list. We highlighted the place where she stayed for quite a long time. We can set an activity range in advance. Once she walks beyond the area, the platform will contact the parents immediately." Liu said.

The navigation platform is also working on a broader area: public security.

Liang Tao, Project Manager, Beijing Unisrong Sci & Tech Co., Ltd, said, "We’ve designed devices for police to locate their guns by using the scan chip. The police station will check several times a day. Once the gun is lost, headquarters will be alerted immediately. And future services will improve the efficiency of the police department."

The Beidou navigation public platform is expected to cover 100-thousand users this year, half of them domestic users. The number is expected to hit 300-thousand by next year, and 500,000 by 2015.

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