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Trial flight of China’s regional jet succeeds

(People's Daily Online)

15:50, June 28, 2013

Trail flight of China’s new regional jet ARJ21-700 with independent proprietary intellectual property rights on plateau succeeded on June 27.

After 35-sorties flight in seven days, the trail has succeeded at the Golmud Airport at an elevation of 2,842 meters, according to the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. 

The safety and service capability of the regional jet in the environment of plateau has been comprehensively tested by this trial flight.

The function of cockpit pressure regulating system, engine performance and the ability to take off in thin air or low air pressure atmosphere have been tested within one week by the civil aviation administration.

The test pilots Zhao Zhiqiang and Yuan Zhipeng have successfully completed the regional plane’s 3-sorties performance examination and trial flight in a full load condition.

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