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Kung fu camp to welcome American disciples


08:08, June 28, 2013

Taiyuan (CNS) -- A martial arts summer camp that is expected to start in late August will attract nearly 100 American kung fu lovers, according to organizer Shi Yandong, at a press conference in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, on Wednesday.

"The preparation work for the summer camp is still underway. We are working to improve facilities at the camp," Shi said.

Nearly 100 American kung fu lovers, most of whom are students at a martial arts training school in San Francisco, will attend the camp.

As a Shaolin Temple disciple, Shi and his kung fu team, Yandong Shaolin Kung Fu Troupe, staged a martial arts show for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats in November 2010, which won the praise of Michael Jordan. Since then, the group has done kung fu shows around the world, including in Germany and Britain.

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