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China a responsible player in combating climate change


10:47, December 04, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Critics should stop accusing China of instigating merely superficial greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Unlike some developed nations that evade responsibility and just talk the talk, China has been taking real actions to slow global warming.

As one of the world's largest emitters and its second-largest economy, China's commitment to curbing emissions has come into focus once again as UN climate talks are gathering nations in Doha, Qatar, to try to reach a consensus on how to move forward with climate targets.

China is resolute in reducing emissions as shouldering its due responsibility in the matter is not only a commitment to the world but also a must for its own development.

Chinese authorities have long realized a green and low-carbon path will be the only choice for the nation's sustainable development, given its large population, limited resources and vulnerable environment.

For this reason, China has been striving to avoid the strategy of many Western countries that opted to "pollute first and clean up later" during their early stage of industrialization.

Although China's emissions are rising and may continue to rise until its urbanization peaks, the country has policies in place to limit emissions and is taking steps to boost its renewable energy industries, force power generators to clean up their coal plants and use more clean energy.

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