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Hot Spring—Pursuing a Healthy Life

(People's Daily Online)

17:29, May 23, 2013

There’s no experience more wonderful than extend your body in a hot spring, just like a tea leaf. Mark Twin once gave a vivid description of such an experience: immersing yourself in a hot spring, you will forget your existence after five minutes, and release yourself from the outside world twenty minutes later.

Huaqing Hot Springs—imperial bathing places of past dynasties

Huashan Imperial Hot Springs—outdoor hot springs with Japanese style

Lantian Tangyu Hot Springs—superior hot springs of the world

Haiquanwan Hot springs—gorgeous hot springs featured with Western European style

Aegean Sea Hot Springs—five-star outdoor hot springs resort

Mount Taibai Xitangyu Hot Springs—appreciating beautiful sceneries of Mount Taibai while enjoying the hot springs.

Drifting—Exploring Happiness
As an old saying goes, “The benevolent enjoy the mountains, the wise enjoy the waters.” It is a wonderful experience to drift in the center of the water and face the violent waves hindering the boat. Besides Danjing River and Lanhe River, drifters also explore Wenshui River and Xunhe River running through the remote areas of Qinling Mountains.

Danjiang River Drifting
Drifting along Danjiang River is like travelling in a painting, you will meet torrents, rapids and wild ducks while beautiful sceneries take your breath. Nine bends with distinctive features are on the way, which bring diverse experience to travelers.

Lanhe River Rafting
In its 12-km drifting, you will sometimes travel on flat water, other times you will meet torrents that hinder your way and splash around. After conquering Lanhe River with great pleasure, you can uncover myths in Shentian Grassland and pools of Mount Bashan.

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