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Happy Shopping

(People's Daily Online)

17:33, May 23, 2013

Popular cities like Xi’an, Baoji and Yan’an offer travelers numerous malls to enjoy shopping. Century Ginwa, Zhongda International in Xi’an, Yinzuo in Baoji and Ganghui Happy Mall in Yan’an gather various famous brands around the world. Kaiyuan, Minsheng and Parkson provide a superb collection of fashionable products. While you are travelling to your heart’s content, souvenirs in Shanxi with their unmatched values for collection, bring you utmost pleasure from shopping. Main business districts of Xi’an lie in Jiefang Road, East Avenue, South Avenue and West Avenue, where the biggest shopping centers and franchised stores stand. As an ancient city, Xi’an is rich in antiques and pseudo-classic handicrafts. Visitors can buy them in antique shops, as well as in places near scenic spots where handicrafts with local features are available. Xi’an is indeed a shopping paradise for tourists.

Main shopping streets in Xi’an

Starting from the Southern Gate of Xi’an, and turning to the east, you will get to Shuyuanmen Street. Though this street is less than 1000 meters long, it presents a panorama of ancient Chinese culture. Here you can find four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), calligraphy works, traditional Chinese painting scrolls, rubbing from stone inscription, Lantian jade ware and other souvenirs.

Muslim Street
Starting from the Drum Tower in central Xi’an, and turning to the west, walking along the street for about 100 meters, you will get to the Muslim Street. Here you can not only taste the most genuine food of the Hui nationality, but also appreciate pseudo-classic Muslim building, which are favored by visitors, especially those from abroad. Moreover, the Muslim Street sells various specialties, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Bell Tower—East Street—South Street—West Street
The business district is built along these streets, which contribute greatly to the business of Xi’an, guiding the purchase of people in Xi’an. Here gathers medium and high-grade department stores, franchised shops and large-scale supermarkets.

Xiaozhai Business Area
Apart from large department stores, small fashionable shops are built here. It is a shopping paradise for young people.

② Shuyuanmen
② Muslim Street

Large Shopping Centers

Printemps Paris Department Store 88 Nanguan Zhengjie 029-87651300
Minsheng Department Store 103 Jiefang Lu 029-87481797
Century Ginwa Bell and Drum Tower Square 029-87631700
Kaiyuan Shopping Center 6 Jiefang Market, Dong Dajie 029-87235382
Zhongda Internatioal 30 Nan Dajie, Beilin District 029-87203000
Metro Supermarket 86 Chang’an Nanlu, Yanta District 029-85258888
Shidai Parkson Xi Dajie 029-87283220
Wal-Mart Luomashi, Dong Dajie 029-87656890
East Street The busiest street in Xi’an
Shuyuanmen Four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), calligraphy works, traditional Chinese paintings and folk handicrafts
Beiyuanmen The biggest tourist souvenir street in Xi’an

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