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Experiencing Shaanxi

(People's Daily Online)

17:26, May 23, 2013

Shaanxi, integrating traditional culture with modern presentation, feasts your eyes with distinctive spectacles.

Exciting Experience

If China is compared to a 5000-year-old grand tree, Shaanxi is her root buried deep into the ground. Shaanxi is a province both with 5000 years of glorious history and modern metropolises. It’s a place where ancient culture weaving with fashion, a modern paradise for shopping. Whenever the bells at Famen Temple ring in the morning, or drums sound in the evening, Luomashi Street is always crowded under brilliant lights. When you are amazed at the Asia’s biggest fountain and water-screen movie, the stately Dayan Pagoda of classic simplicity brings you from the bustling urban life back to the prosperous Tang Dynasty. When you appreciate the Terracotta Warriors, gourmets are savoring in the Muslim Quarters. After exploration in Beilin, you can indulge yourself in Century Ginwa Shopping Center. Having enjoyed the luxury of Defuxiang Bar Street, you can come to the foot of the City Wall. The old Qinqiang Opera performed there offers you miraculous experience.

This is Shaanxi. While immersed in its glorious history, you cannot refrain from admiring its modern appearance. Enjoying yourself in Shaanxi, where novelty embracing tradition, you will approach it with deeper understanding of history and contemporary times.

Tang Cultural Mall—A Sleepless Street
Lying to the south of Dayan Pagoda in the southern suburb of Xi’an, Tang Cultural Mall is the best place to get a complete idea of Xi’an in a short time. With splendid scenery at night, the magnificent Tang-style street is known as a paradise for shopping and entertaining. Tang Cultural Mall is reputed to be the best cultural mall in China, where people spend sleepless nights. It is this place that has created the most artistic experience—the new classic representing modern urban culture.

Happy Mall
The Happy Mall, based on the concept of crossover, is constructed with the style representative of the Tang Dynasty. Blending the essence of traditional culture with varied commercial elements, the Happy Mall is a one-stop street catering for family consumption. It consists of three squares—Taotie Square, Family Square and Fashion Square, and three walk streets—Bar Street, Global Food Street and Fashion Demonstration Street.

Kaiyuan Square
Kaiyuan Square is located at the southern end of the Tang Cultural Mall. At the center of the square, there stands a sculpture “Kaiyuan Prosperity” and eight LED vaulting columns depicting fighting curled-up dragons. The square fully demonstrates the prosperous and glorious heyday of the Tang Dynasty.

Xi’an Concert Hall
Xi’an Concert Hall, embedded in strong humanistic culture, contributes to international cultural communication.

Xi’an Art Museum
Xi’an Art Museum is a high-level museum dedicated to exhibitions, collections, exchanges from home and abroad, researches and education. The museum not only inherits Chinese civilization, but also shoulders the responsibility to promote Chinese contemporary arts.

Xi’an Qujiang Pacific Cinema
It is a six-star cinema, owning eight grandiose halls with over 1200 VIP seats, manifesting the luxury of the Tang Dynasty.

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