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Report on Japanese Military Power 2012 (12)

(People's Daily Online)

10:57, July 19, 2013

VII. Military Training and Exercises

Service and joint exercises within the JSDF, bilateral exercises with U.S. forces and multi-national exercises were frequent in 2012. As maritime and island disputes between Japan and its neighbors, especially China, have intensified, the focus of various JSDF exercises is maritime operations. The scenario of these exercises mostly deals with island defense and landing operations and their purposes are self-evident.

A. Regular JSDF exercises

JSDF exercises in 2012 include routine exercises such as coordinated transfer exercises and real-troop exercises. The Northeastern Army conducted a coordinated transfer exercise between June and July, Eastern Army in August, Northern Army between October and November. Among them, the Northeastern Army exercise was on the division-regiment level. In 2012, 7,700 JSDF troops, about 2,100 vehicles and 30 aircraft participated in the coordinated transfer exercises, involving long-distance mobilization training using various means of transport, and covering subjects such as live-ammunition firing, explosion, and landing by both individual troops and armored units. Specifically, the Eastern and Northern Armies were transferred to the Western Army’s territory, i.e. the bases in Kyushu. In terms of real-troop exercises, JSDF Northern Army conducted its annual real-troop drills in Hokkaido, in which 9,000 members from the 2nd and 7th Division, 11th Brigade, over 1,000 vehicles, and more than 20 aircraft were involved. The exercise covered subjects such as warning and surveillance, defense, civilian protection, construction of field hospitals, firing, etc. The Western Army conducted annual real-troop exercises from Nov. 2nd to 22nd in Kitakyushu. 5,400 personnel from the 4th and 8th Divisions, Central Readiness Force and the 12th Brigade, more than 1,500 vehicles and 30 aircraft took part in the exercise which covers such training subjects as warning and surveillance, defense, base protection, construction of troop stations, etc.

On August 26th, 2011, the JSDF conducted its annual Fuji Firepower Demonstration which was the largest live-ammunition exercise of the year. 2,400 personnel, over 80 armored vehicles, 80 guns, and 30 aircraft took part in the exercise which took island defense as the main scenario. It is worth noting that Type 10 tanks made its debut in this exercise. To simulate real-life island offense and defense, the JASDF dispatched F-2 fighters as an opposing force. The JMSDF also dispatched its P-3C early warning and control system for the first time.

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