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Report on Japanese Military Power 2012 (10)

(People's Daily Online)

10:57, July 19, 2013

B. Continuing to construct anti-missile air defense systems. According to the FY 2012 defense budget, the JSDF will spend 4.1 billion yen on additional PAC-3 surface-to-air missiles, and it will also develop infra-red detectors against new types of cruise missiles. It will upgrade 2 Atago-class Aegis combat systems with SM-3Block II A missile interceptors.

C. Updating conventional equipment for greater rapid response and deployment capabilities. In 2012, in order to speed up the formation of rapid-response units, the JGSDF purchased additional 13 Type 10 tanks to replace Type 90 tanks, and the JGSDF and JASDF together purchased 51 light-armored vehicles. Meanwhile, the JGSDF purchased additional UH-60JAs, CH47-JAs, and AH-64Ds, and appropriated additional fund for the R&D of new multi-functional helicopters to replace UH-1Js the JGSDF are currently equipped with. The JGSDF has also equipped its divisions, brigades, and regiments with the most advanced field communications systems to improve field and special operations capabilities.

D. Enhancing air warfare superiority under current circumstances. Japan has been proactively taking part in international joint production of F-35s, and pushing forward the R&D of ATD-X, a new generation of native stealth fighters. In March 2013, the Japanese government formally announced that domestic defense corporations were allowed to participate in international joint production of F-35s. As new types of fighters are still in the process of R&D, the JADSF focuses on modifying existing fighters to improve its capabilities in air operations and rapid response to
contingencies. Specific modifications include installing new types of radars, Fighter Data Links, Helmet Mounted Displays, and Precision Guided Ammunitions (PGAs).

E. Increasing military investment in space technology. According to the FY 2012 defense budget, Japan will appropriate over 190 billion yen to enhance C4SIR capabilities using space and satellite technologies. Japan also invested 120 billion yen on X-band SATCOM, and planned to launch between 2015 and 2016 two such satellites which can operate for 15 years. Besides, in January 2013, Japan launched IGS-Radar 4 which had been planned to be launched within 2012. As a result, a space reconnaissance and surveillance system composed of two radar satellites and two optical satellites was completed.

It is quite obvious that Japan’s weaponry and equipment development in 2012 is intended to strengthen capabilities for maritime, air, space, and anti-missile operations, focusing on cutting-edge technologies, large platforms, rapid response and long-range capabilities. It is evident that Japan is militarily prepared against China, a country described by Japan as a “military threat”, among all its neighbors. It is also evident that Japan’s military development is tailored for the defense of “Southwestern islands”. The purpose of Japanese violations of the Peace Constitution and the postwar regime and its determination to develop weaponry and equipment is therefore self-evident.

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