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CPC leaders take lead in campaign against harmful work styles (3)


08:13, June 26, 2013


The CPC will, in the next stage, take measures and improve relevant rules to enhance the educational campaign on fighting undesirable work styles, according to the statement.

Xi Jinping also put forward a five-point requirement on strengthening Party-building efforts and improving the work of the Political Bureau during the conference.

Xi urged Political Bureau members to relay criticisms and self-criticisms to boost unity and do better work.

Criticisms and self-criticisms based on good intentions and facts are necessary within the Political Bureau, Xi told the meeting, adding that all members should be honest and open with each other, sum up their experiences and lessons and share their thoughts and ideas in order to help their peers, promote solidarity and do better work.

Members were ordered to correctly understand, and make their work comply with, the development of China and the world, and properly handle the affairs of the CPC and the state.

When elaborating on the requirement, Xi said members of the Political Bureau should grasp the main course of development for the world, which highlights peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit, as well as that of China, which features prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony.

Members of the Political Bureau should concentrate their efforts on issues concerning the long-term development of the Party and the state, as well as those related to the fundamental interests of the people, said Xi.

Such issues include the transformation of China's economic growth model, the advancement of the country's system of democracy and rule of law, the promotion of the core socialist values and enhanced welfare for the people.

Other major issues include China's social management, social stability, environmental protection, the consolidation of the CPC's ruling status, the improvement of the CPC's governance, the fight against corruption, national security, peace in the country's surrounding areas and the country's relations with major powers.

Xi asked members of the Political Bureau to make concerted efforts to serve the overall work of the Party and the state.

He also urged Political Bureau members to have open minds, disregard any selfish considerations, set benefiting the Chinese people as their unique goal and dedicate themselves to the interests of the Party and the people.

Political Bureau members should serve as models for others in forging appropriate concepts of power, status and interests, stick to self-respect, introspection, self-vigilance and self-motivation, abide by the Party's disciplines and the country's laws, and strictly follow systems and procedures, Xi added.

Xi also asked Political Bureau members to never stop boosting their ideological and political levels.

The priority for the Political Bureau is adhering to the appropriate political line, stance, orientation and path, which Xi said is also the cardinal task in securing the CPC's leadership and China's socialist system.

He asked members to "place ideological and political work at first place," and refer to the Marxist political outlook in self-examination, transformation and improvement.

Xi asked members to remain steadfast in their ideals and beliefs, and to strengthen their political acumen and judgement.

Members of the Political Bureau were also urged to correctly understand and firmly safeguard the overall situation of the CPC and the country, reform and development, social stability, the security of the CPC's leadership and the socialist regime, and the unity of the Party and the country.

Analysts have deemed the conference an opportunity for the CPC's top leadership to "look into the mirror and straighten their attire" together, as well as an assembly call for the Party's over 80 million members to improve their work styles.

Cai Xia, a professor with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, said, "This conference is a gathering for a democratic exchange of ideas."

Themes discussed at the conference can be regarded as an upgraded version of the "eight-point" rules, and the conference took stock of progress made in implementing the rules, according to Cai.

Compared with the "eight-point" rules unveiled last year, the special conference went one step further by initiating a lasting mechanism for the campaign to improve work styles. It not only raised theories, but also moved to perfect relevant systems, Cai said.

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