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New Mickey series on Disney Channel (2)


14:25, June 21, 2013

No matter which country you grew up in, Mickey Mouse was probably a major part of your entertainment. (CNTV)

Mike Moon, VP of Disney Television Animation, said, "The style borrows a lot of stuff from the past that we’ve cherry picked and pulls into this very futuristic, very modern, very contemporary execution, there’s a lot of ’rubber hose’ influence on Mickey and the gang. There’s a lot of sixties and fifties graphical influence on some of the backgrounds. All together that served as the source of inspiration where we were able to make something very contemporary out of it."

There’s also an international aspect to the new Mickey series. In one of the new shorts, the beloved Disney icon is in Tokyo trying to catch a train with hilarious consequences.

In another, Mickey says "oui" to France and sets out on a high-speed moped ride through the streets of Paris. The international settings are no accident. The Disney Channel airs in more than 160 countries. The 20 new Mickey Mouse shorts will premiere on the Disney Channel on June 28.

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