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Whiter shade of pale compliments of the chef (4)

By C. J. Henderson (China Daily)

15:18, June 08, 2013

White bean soup (China Daily/Fan Zhen)

After such a classic main, we were in for something a little more risky, or, as Block says, "innovative".

A white asparagus and honey mousse served on a bed of Raz El Hanout (a kind of Moroccan spiced cookie), dotted with stalks of asparagus pink from being cooked in raspberry juice.

The mousse had a very interesting flavor that we couldn't quite place until Block mentioned white chocolate. Though the flavor of asparagus is there, the creaminess of the dessert really does suggest white chocolate.

"Even on our regular dessert menu, we have three desserts that are not that sweet. I wanted to make a dessert menu that is light on the stomach. Because most people who eat here have a steak ... You don't want cheesecake after a big steak meal."

You are in good hands when dining at The Cut. Everything is accounted for, even portion control. The chef is doing complicated mathematics with his menu, and getting the right answers every time.

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