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Whiter shade of pale compliments of the chef (2)

By C. J. Henderson (China Daily)

15:18, June 08, 2013

Alaskan king crab, braised asparagus and smoked yoghurt (China Daily/Fan Zhen)

The bowl features an artful arrangement of smoked trout, pistachio puree, pieces of blanched white asparagus and two perfectly formed apple pearls. A thin, creamy soup is poured at table, completing the canvas.

The pistachio puree and salty trout goes beautifully with the creamy asparagus. Apple pearls add that extra hint of sweetness. In fact, the combination of tart apple, nutty pistachio, salty trout, sweet and creamy asparagus made this the showstopper.

What followed was nothing less spectacular. Smoked yogurt is an innovative companion to the bitter-sweet braised asparagus and the sweet, ocean flavor of Alaskan king crab layered on the plate.

Pine nuts provided a buttery touch with the smoked yogurt pulling it all together.

Block explained his foray into yogurt smoking.

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