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Guangdong scraps HIV tests for teaching candidates (2)

(Shanghai Daily)

11:07, May 30, 2013

But others, including students, are concerned there are risks.

"They are hidden troubles. How can you guarantee they will never do something terrible to us?" asked Yang Wei, a student in the eighth grade in central Hubei Province.

"If I have a teacher with HIV, I will quit class," she said. "You know AIDS can not be cured."

Under China's Regulations on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment issued in 2006, the legal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and their relatives should be protected, including the right to employment.

But a recent survey by Beijing Yirenping Center, an NGO that promotes social justice and public health, suggested that 61 percent of HIV carriers in urban areas could not find jobs while 20 percent relied on their families for support.

Xiao Qi (a pseudonym), China's first AIDS patient to receive compensation for discrimination, had his hopes of becoming a teacher reignited after hearing about Guangdong.

In November 2012, Xiao filed a suit against the education bureau of Jinxian County in eastern Jiangxi Province, after his application was rejected.

Xiao received 45,000 yuan (US$7,275) compensation after a court ruling in January, but still has not been hired.

"I never want to abandon my dream of becoming a teacher," said Xiao. "I hope Guangdong's new health standards will spread across the country."

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