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Africans in China sharing 'Chinese Dream' (2)


11:07, March 23, 2013


In "Little Africa," African people like to stay near people from their own countries.

John Vedasto Rwehumbiza is an elected leader representing the Tanzanian community.

Graduated from a Shanghai university of science and engineering in 1987, Rwehumbiza has experience of working both in China and Tanzania.

His business title is chief representative of Macrospot International Ltd..

"When I studied in China in the 1980s, the infrastructure in Guangzhou was very poor. When I came back in 2007, I found the changes were marvelous, both in hardware and software," he said.

Rwehumbiza said he would like to share his experiences with people back home about what he has learnt in China and helping the African continent develop in "the same footsteps."

James Asare Tano, president of Ghana Community in China, is interested in introducing China's speciality in construction and producing building materials to Africa through his company Prime Products International Ltd..

"When I first came to China, I was 26. Now I am 35. I believe I can realize my dream of building my firm into a multinational corporation by the age of 40," he said.

Tano wrote in his inaugural address, after being elected as the community leader in 2011, that he entreated Ghanians living in China "to be law abiding, respect each other and live responsibly to enhance the China-Ghana relationship."

The community leader said differences in living habits, work styles and religions between Chinese and African communities have led to inevitable misunderstandings and disputes.

Rwehumbiza said, for example, taxi drivers in Guangzhou are worried about African passengers who fare bargain and are reluctant to pick up black people.

There are a large number of Africans living in China on overstayed tourist visas, or even false passports, which lead to higher frequency of police inspections on streets.

In July 2009, a Nigerian man accidentally fell several floors from a building in an attempt to flee a Chinese immigration authorities' inspection. The incident triggered a demonstration of hundreds of Africans, causing road closures for hours.

Rwehumbiza said only interpersonal communication can help reduce prejudice that has resulted from ignorance of each other's culture.

"China should improve its immigration management system, and work with African countries to build a cooperation mechanism in dealing with regular and emergency matters concerning immigrants," said Li Zhigang, associate professor with Zhongshan University, who is studying the African community in Guangzhou.

Such a mechanism can help authorities mediate whenever there is a dispute concerning Africans in China, Li said.

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