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China, Russia outline cooperation priorities, urge new type of great-power relations (2)


10:53, March 23, 2013


On the international front, the two countries accentuated their shared aspirations for a new type of great-power relations.

As globalization picks up pace, the world has entered a transitional period characterized by increasing interdependence and deepening economic and cultural integration, noted the statement.

At the same time, the world remains far from peaceful, and the common tasks of mankind, such as promoting world peace, security and stability, strengthening international cooperation and pursuing common development, have become top topics in international relations, it added.

In light of the enormous responsibility of great powers to maintain world peace and stability, China and Russia made a joint call on big powers to ditch the zero-sum mentality and build a new type of great-power relations featuring long-term, stable and healthy development.

They appealed for concerted efforts to promote peace and stability, pursue common development and prosperity and build a just, democratic and harmonious world order.

On the anti-missile issue, countries should deepen mutual understanding, coordination and cooperation, and tread carefully in the deployment of anti-missile systems and the pursuit of cooperation in this field, said the joint statement.

China and Russia, it added, are opposed to any unilateral and unrestrained building of anti-missile capabilities by a single country or a group of countries, as such moves jeopardize strategic stability and international security.

The international community should jointly cope with missile-related threats and challenges and reject the practice of defending some countries' national security at the price of others', said the joint statement.


On the economic front, the two countries urged the international community to take all necessary measures to ensure a robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the world economy.

With both being members of the BRICS group, they pledged to help raise BRICS cooperation to a new level at the upcoming fifth summit of the emerging-economy group in the South African port city of Durban on March 26-27.

The two sides agreed that it is of great significance to carry out comprehensive and practical cooperation under the framework of BRICS, which also includes Brazil, India and South Africa.

On the Asia-Pacific situation, the two countries said it is a primary task for the region to build a security and cooperation framework that features openness, transparency, equality and inclusiveness.

They added that it is necessary to encourage relevant countries in the region to properly settle their disputes through bilateral dialogues and negotiations.

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