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Leung creates dishes with the mind of an engineer (2)

By Rebecca Lo in Hong Kong (China Daily)

15:01, February 27, 2013

Langoustine, in English mustard, with preserved duck egg and black truffle. (China Daily)

Meanwhile, Leung began cooking for fun. He hosted elaborate dinner parties. "I was always the black sheep in my family," he says with a laugh. "I had to do things differently."

Ten years ago, a friend asked him to help out with a Sheung Wan restaurant called Bo. He ended up taking it over and rebranding it as Bo Innovation - after many heated arguments with his wife.

"We knew that it would be a big risk," he acknowledges. "Restaurants are financially costly and my wife complains that she became a widow afterward."

But Leung's ego was greater than his wife's temper.
"Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame," he shrugs. "My personality craves attention. When I was an engineer, I was never interviewed! And cooking has become more and more a talent that people want to show off. It's like karaoke. Every one wants to be a singer. But I want to go beyond simply cooking."

Despite never having worked in a professional kitchen before, Leung took over Bo and began to showcase his experimental cooking to a city of potential guinea pigs.

At first, it was very hit and miss. There were two temperature steamed eggs and long explanations about which order to consume the tasting menu with sometimes 20 courses. But his attention to detail and willingness to go his own way had critics raving. And as Leung's dishes became more refined, a distinctive style of cooking emerged.

He calls it reverse banana, referencing the derogatory nickname applied to the children of Chinese immigrants in Western countries.

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