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Law amendment urged to combat air pollution (2)

By Jiao Meng (

14:16, February 22, 2013

International Council on Clean Transportation founding chairman Michael P. Walsh delivers a speech titled Clean Fuels and Clean Vehicles – The Keys to Clean Air, at a forum held in Beijing on January 24. [Photo/ Meng]

Vehicle-based shift

Professor Hao Jiming at Tsinghua University and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering believes that China’s air pollution has changed since 2000.

"Emission intensity per unit GDP (100 million yuan) in China has declined in recent years. However, the total emission volume has risen due to GDP growth," he said.

International Council on Clean Transportation founding chairman Michael P. Walsh pointed out several outstanding changes. "One of the important changes is the adoption of the PM 2.5 standard which didn't exist 13 years ago, as well as the shift from coal-based air pollution to vehicle-based pollutants," he said. "Since vehicles by their nature are mobile, it creates the need for a national provision to ensure fuel quality."

China overtook Europe in vehicle sales in 2012 and the US in 2009.

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