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Is the wolf really gone? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:43, February 07, 2013

However, there are two questions that need to be considered carefully: Is it the ripe time to dance with the wolves? Is the wolf really gone?

The current revitalization of American stock market has a lot to do with the recovery of American economy and also greatly with the "generous" favor of the Federal Reserve.

However, it is worth vigilance that a huge risk may lie behind the new round of quantitative easing: it might have given a false signal for the market.

More importantly, it is questionable whether the recovery and growth of the global economy has approached balance and stability and whether second thoughts should be recommended prior to investment eagerness. After all, the reality is not optimistic: The economic outlook report released last month by the IMF and the World Bank lowered its forecast for global economic growth this year; countries in euro-zone are still struggling with the debt crisis. Though many "bombs" of American debt problems have been swept, the compromise is bound to be a time bomb during the course of the economy recovery.

The cut-and-dried words "risky market, cautious investor" should still be borne in mind. You know, the wolves are still lingering outside.

Read the Chinese version at: 狼真的走了吗, Source: Jiefang Daily, Author: Liao Qin

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