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Why does shortcut mentality prevail in China? (3)

(People's Daily Online)

09:45, January 24, 2013

(China Youth Daily/ Zhu Huiqing)

Clear value needed to guide the public

It is urgent to pull the public back to the normal system of rules from the abnormal mentality of taking a shortcut. Where to start?

The reconstruction of personal values will be the first step. Professor at the institute of ideology and culture under Tsinghua University He Zhaowu said that it was necessary to strengthen the people's moral education and cultivate rules consciousness.

"Some people think that the approach has a high cost and slow effect. In fact, it is a long process, and we should have enough patience to establish the corresponding educational mechanism and system," said Zhou Yunqing, a professor at the Department of Sociology of Wuhan University.

"An important reason for people to take a shortcut is that they will be punished slightly or not be punished at all even if they violate the rules. Therefore, increasing the cost will be effective to curb the trend," an expert said. In a sense, the advanced urban civilization of Singapore was achieved through heavy penalties of the violations, which effectively compressed the growing space of shortcuts and underlying rules.

Some experts said the enforceability and operability of the laws and regulations must be taken into account and the laws should be strictly implemented.

The excessive concentration of power will lead to "rent-seeking," meanwhile opening up numerous tangible and intangible shortcuts. In the social framework of China, the public power sectors became the "hubs" of shortcuts because they hold the power of policy-making and resource allocation. The experts suggested that it should continue to promote openness in government affairs and create transparent government, putting the words and deeds of civil servants under the supervision of the public and media. In this way, the shortcuts will be cut off entirely.

However, a practical problem is that shortcuts can be seen anywhere, with some visible and some invisible. Professor at School of Social Department and Public Policy under Fudan University Zhao Deyu suggested strengthening the construction of Internet information channels, reducing the monitoring costs and the costs of exposing unlawful behaviors and intensifying social supervision through gradual information publication and symmetry.

Read the Chinese version: 捷径心态 为何成风

Source: People's Daily, author: Ma Long and Yang Xu.

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