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Chinese under the pressure (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, December 28, 2012

Xiao Lu, a post-70's generation civil servant who works in the development zone of a provincial capital said that he could not guarantee himself a free Saturday or even Sunday. "My child was sent to a boarding kindergarten when he was only two years old. One day, he asked me 'dad, can you pick me up every day?' I was heartbroken on hearing this request."

"I've hardly slept through the night; I have dreams every night and all dreams concerns nothing but my store," said a 28-year-old online store owner Zhang Ning, who runs an online baby products store, sleeps with his computer on and replies immediately when there comes an enquiry.

"I have to earn more to afford my younger brother's college tuition and to live the life of urban people," said Xiao ye, a 20-year-old girl from Anhui who works on the assembling line in a co-packing factory of Apple iPhone in Shanghai. With fast moving hands with white gloves, she has to mount tiny chips to at least 140 cellphones and work for 10 and half hours every day.

"I spend five days a week taking school courses and one day for specialty training and the rest one day reviewing what have learned," said Xiao Xiao, a 10-year old pupil in his fourth grade. "My parents often compare me with other kids and expect me to be superior to them, which makes me rather stressed out."

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