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Web China: Military liquor ban drops shares, cheered by netizens (2)


09:27, December 26, 2012

"Moutai and another two high-level alcohol brands, which are popular with government officials and military officers, account for 20 percent of the total liquor market," said Jian Aihua, a researcher with CIConsulting, a leading industry research institution.

"Despite the high prices, Moutai is still in short supply on the market, especially during festivals," said Wu.

Many netizens have applauded the ban, as they believe it is a necessary step in cracking down on extravagant official expenditures. About 30,000 people have voiced support for the regulations on, a popular Chinese Internet portal.x "Besides the military officers, all government officials should be prohibited from drinking liquor during receptions and meetings," said a netizen using the screenname "Wu Qiujun."

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