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Anyone can fail in 'competition of family background' (4)

(People's Daily Online)

13:00, November 23, 2012

The final entry Ma made into his father's judicial and public security organs also gives cause for concern over the class solidification. When children of officials settle down in the governments, and children of the rich inherit from their parents, those from the disadvantaged backgrounds are depressed about the blockage in channels of promotion——Even if they strive a lifetime, they cannot earn a chance to drink a cup of coffee with the "high society".

In a normal society, the young people like Ma who attempt to escape parental protection would not be rejected time after time; the ordinary people without highly-placed connections would not lead a difficult existence; the young would not embrace "stability" as their philosophy of life; the public at the bottom of the society would not despair. Ma, who failed in the attempt to earn a living in Beijing without family support, might be a negative example to rebels. His experience opened our eyes to the mutation of the social values as well as several problems inherent in the social reform.

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