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Boy with big toes undergoes surgery (2)

By Chen Xiaoru (Global Times)

09:53, November 23, 2012

The hospital offered to perform the 20,000 yuan ($3,210) procedure to fix the boy's feet for free.

Surgeons removed 1.5 kilograms of tissue from the boy's feet, including three toes from his left foot, during the five-hour operation Thursday, said Yang Xiaodong, a senior director at the hospital.

"We finished removing the abnormal tissue on his left foot and shaped it into a normal form," Yang told the Global Times. "But the right foot is larger. We will have to schedule another operation in about half a year to remove the remaining abnormalities."

Meng will be able to walk after he heals from the surgeries. He will also be able to wear shoes, though they will have to be custom made, Yang said.

Last month, the hospital accepted a 2-year-old child suffering from the same condition for treatment.

"The best age for children to receive treatment is between 3 and 4 years old. It was a little late for Meng to receive treatment," Yang said.

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