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Italian police uncover rampant tax evasion scam (2)


09:17, November 23, 2012

According to a study by business association Confesercenti, in 2012 the average household's tax bill will be 1,450 euros (1,867 U.S. dollars) higher than it was last year, taking the Italian overall tax burden up to 44.7 percent, 5 percent higher than the European average.

The government campaign against rampant tax evasion over the past months has featured a number of headline-grabbing operations among tourists in famous resorts, shoppers at exclusive stores in Rome and nightclub owners in the business city Milan.

The clampdown has also featured TV advertisements that brand tax dodgers as "parasites of society," while the government has said that Italy and Switzerland are close to signing a tax agreement for cooperation in this field.

Monti has expressed his support for the tax-collection agency, which has been hit by an escalating series of letter-bomb threats amid tension over austerity measures.

The agency has launched this week a new computer data system comparing taxpayers' income with their spending, which will be used as a control instrument aimed mainly at tax compliance.

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