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KWS steps up anti-poaching drive, arrest 37 poachers (2)

By Peter Mutai (Xinhua)

14:17, November 22, 2012

Stiffer penalties related to wildlife crime have also been incorporated under the proposed wildlife law to deter poaching- related cases and incidents in Kenya.

According to KWS, four suspected trophy dealers were arrested with 12 pieces of animal skins at Kitale Township in northwest Kenya on Nov. 17 after being found in possession of six leopard and six python skins.

"Charges have been preferred against the suspected poachers and smugglers in various law courts," it said.

The anti-poaching rangers also arrested a suspected poacher and recovered a rifle with 21 rounds of ammunitions recovered on Nov. 12 in a village in Nairobi.

"A suspect escaped arrest when he was intercepted transporting 280 kg of meat for sale, believed to be of a snared zebra in Naivasha Township the same day," KWS said.

The agency said four suspects were arrested and 38 kg ivory recovered in two separate crime incidents in Narok County in southwest of Nairobi. The suspects were arrested in Narok Township and 20 kg of ivory recovered on Nov. 16.

"In the same County, members of Olposmoru community surrendered 18 kg of ivory to KWS officials on Nov. 13.The surrender was a result of an ongoing community outreach effort by KWS to help in anti-poaching activities in the area," it said.

In Laikipia County of central Kenya, KWS said, three suspects were arrested and a fake rhino horn recovered on Nov. 13.

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