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Fresh violence erupts in Kenya's coastal city over killing of radical preacher

By Joy Nabukewa, Chris Mgidu and Njoroge Kaburo (Xinhua)

13:04, August 29, 2012

MOMBASA, Kenya, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of people were seriously injured as fresh riots rocked Kenya's coastal city of Mombasa on Tuesday after the killing of terror suspect Aboud Rogo Mohammed by unknown thugs.

Some people were hospitalized in the demonstrations as rowdy youth blocked motorists from accessing several streets in the city. A man was injured after being hit by an object on the head.

He bled on forehead and at the back after rioters attacked him but police managed to restore calm in some parts of the city.

Spent cartridges shattered a window at Mount Kenya University where students were set to start examination throwing the whole class into confusion.

"Please pray for us. We are in a dangerous situation. A spent cartridge has just shattered a window at the Mount Kenya University and landed on my colleague. We are to start a paper now but there is a lot of confusion now. The riots have spilled up to the town," one of the students told Xinhua on Tuesday.

Rogo, facing terrorism-related charges in a Kenyan court, was shot dead by unknown gunmen on Monday who sprayed his car with bullets in Mombasa. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing at least 15 bullet wounds including one to the head.

Six people were in the car with Rogo, including his wife and daughter. His wife Haniya Said Saval was shot in the knee and was hospitalized.

Regional police commander, Aggrey Adoli said scores of General Service Unit and regular police officers have been deployed to restore normalcy in Mombasa's Majengo and central business district.

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