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Student demands mom be freed from detention center (2)

By Liu Sha and Yan Shuang (Global Times)

08:52, November 21, 2012

The local re-education committee ordered Zhao be held for one year at a re-education through labor center after the committee claimed she petitioned at inappropriate places in Beijing and severely disturbed the social order.

However, Zhao's husband told the Global Times that his wife only visited the office of letters and calls in Beijing, where official complaints are taken, and did not make any public protest.

Zhao, who started to petition in 1999 over land dispute with her village officials, was detained in the re-education center in 2010 for six months.

The printed notice of detention sent to the family was identical to the order given two years ago, with the current date corrected in handwriting at the bottom.

Local officials said the detention order is valid for life, meaning that "if my mother ever petitions again, she will be sent back to the camp using the same order," Guo told the Global Times Tuesday, adding that officials did not provide any solid evidence to prove his mother made an inappropriate public petition.

"We strictly followed procedures to send her back to the detention center," the head of the office of letters and calls in Lanzhou surnamed Yuan told the Global Times Tuesday, refusing to comment further.

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