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Underground voices (7)

By Chen Nan  (China Daily)

13:15, November 13, 2012

We've sung in tunnels, subway trains and formal performance stages, Chen says.

No matter where the stage is, we sing about our lives and dreams.

Beijing Xing Yun Yue Zhong Culture Communication Company's executive vice-president Zhao Zheng says: China's music industry needs more people who stick to their musical dreams to share their ideas about music.

Zhao's company produced the official website of The Voice of China and assisted the singers' post-development work, such as their digital music releases.

He says shows like The Voice of China are good platforms for singers-songwriters to showcase their talents.

Some competitors may not win the contest but are still noticed by the public and that opens other avenues for them to expand their music careers.

Traditionally, record companies were the main vehicle that drove the music industry, where veteran musicians discover singers, and train and promote them, Zhao says.

But now, audiences' tastes determine the industry's direction. They like real voices and real stories.

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