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Austrian-born panda arrives a 'happy tiger' (3)

By HUANG ZHILING (China Daily)

08:42, November 09, 2012

Since it was set up three decades ago, the center has loaned 20 pandas to nine zoos in the United States, Japan, Austria, Thailand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

"Sixteen cubs were born overseas and 10 are alive. Seven of the overseas born pandas have returned to the center, which has the world's largest overseas returned panda population," said Zhang Hemin, chief of the center, which belongs to the Wolong Nature Reserve in Wenchuan county, Sichuan.

The carrier that took Fuhu home was a plane of the Royal Dutch Airlines, which named a brand-new Boeing 777-300ER plane "Wolong Nature Reserve" on June 18, 2012.

The airlines said it would name all its Boeing 777 planes after major nature reserves across the world.

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