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US 'dual-deterrence' is self-defeating (2)

(People's Daily Online)

11:12, November 08, 2012

Japan is not satisfied with the neutral attitude of the United States. Although the United States has claimed Japan-U.S. Security Treaty can be applied to the Diaoyu Islands issue, Japan does not fully believe that the United States is willing to get involved in the conflict to help Japan at the crucial moment. Therefore, Japan has urged the United States to take a clear-cut stand, supporting Japan's ownership of the Diaoyu Islands at best or promising to help Japan in emergency situations at worst. However, the United States cannot realize these hopes of Japan. Therefore, the ambiguous stance of the United States may be interpreted as disloyalty to its alliance and it is doubtful that the United States deters Japan.

It is extremely dangerous to adopt "dual-deterrence" strategy in dealing with two important countries in Asia, which cannot achieve positive effects and may intensify strategic mutual suspicion, instead. The United States tries to maintain its influence in Asia by stressing the strategy of "returning to Asia" and "rebalance." China does not promote the so-called “removal of Americanization” in Asia and hopes that the United States can continue to play a constructive role in the region.

If the United States is really neutral, it at least should stand against Japan's practice of unilaterally changing the status quo. The United States knows clearly that the cause of the Diaoyu Islands issue is Japan's unilaterally breaking of the status quo. In the long run, the United States should support the establishment of governance mechanism in the East Asia and promote the political reconciliation among the East Asian countries, instead of maintaining and even strengthening the bilateral security network centering on the United States.

Read the Chinese version: 美“双重威慑”将弄巧成拙, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Zhang Yun

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Pees Works at 2012-11-11180.192.55.*
Dilomacy is smart ! China must try it with the Philippines and Vietnam.
Simon at 2012-11-09122.61.69.*
The only reason US would remain ambiguous is because it wants to use Japan to contain China, yet does not want its own military to get involved. If US was unwavering it would definitely not stay ambiguous.

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