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  1. China's economy will continue to prosper
  2. Western countries face dilemma on Syrian conflict
  3. Reform, not incentives, to drive expansion
  4. Lenovo reigns as king of the hill
  5. Small exporters need more help to pass tough times
  6. Debate on internationalizing education

  1. [Culture] Unravelling mystery in an ancient grave
  2. [Culture] Process of repairing terracotta warriors
  3. [Travel] A visit to the private club in ancient temple
  4. [Travel] World's 10 tallest buildings
  5. [Travel] Romantic water villas in the world
  6. [Travel] Top 10 domestic destinations for travellers
  7. [Travel] Top 10 livable cities in China 2013
  8. [Travel] Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

What's happening in China

Working under 40 degrees Celsius

  1. Beijing's big dog ban raises debate on ownership
  2. NE China nursing home blaze confirmed as arson
  3. Droughts affect 1.15 mln central Chinese
  4. Amway point finger at dealer of woman's death
  5. Offering bus seats optional: survey
  6. Narcotic plants seized in Shanghai

Military Observatory

  1. China confirms military aircraft flew over high seas
  2. Chinese peacekeeping force returns from S.Sudan
  3. Littoral combat ship USS Independence LCS 2
  4. Competition of PLA special force ends
  5. 1,500 troops to attend China-Russia joint drills
  6. 'Harbin' warship escorts WFP commercial ship

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China PoliticsRead more

  1. Chief justice calls for efficient, fair trials
  2. Bo's case shows China's anti-corruption consensus
  3. Guangzhou property scandal official stands trial
  4. China to auction 3-year local gov't bonds
  5. Bo Xilai indicted for corruption

Foreign AffairsRead more

  1. Senior CPC official calls for closer China-Vietnam ties
  2. Vice-president mourns fallen fighters of Chinese People's Volunteers in DPRK
  3. CPC, CPV officials hold talks on party building
  4. Chinese FM meets Armenian counterpart
  5. Top DPRK leader meets Chinese vice-president

MilitaryRead more

  1. China to continue to pursue dream of peace: general
  2. Chinese peacekeeping force returns from South Sudan
  3. 3rd meeting of Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on China-India Border Affairs held
  4. China confirms military aircraft flew over high seas
  5. Competition of PLA special force ends

News of Communist Party of China

Top CPC Leadership
Mass Line Campaign

  1. Bo Xilai indicted for corruption
  2. Top DPRK leader meets Chinese vice-president on relations
  3. Bo indictment shows CPC's stance on corruption: People's Daily

China Stocks

CurrenciesBuying RateMiddle Rate

BusinessRead more

  1. China's CIC achieves 10.6-pct yield for overseas assets
  2. China adjusts anti-dumping duties for Japanese rubber
  3. China to auction 3-year local gov't bonds
  4. Slowdown chill equity investment firms
  5. China's economy will continue to prosper

China SocietyRead more

  1. Rainstorm brings coolness to Shanghai
  2. Rainstorms hit Liaocheng in E China
  3. China allocates 66.9 bln yuan for major road construction
  4. Hot wave lingers in Hangzhou
  5. Ammonia storage tank leakage poisons several in E China
  6. China water diversion faces pollution control challenge

Most Popular

WorldRead more

  1. People attend elections campaign rally in Cambodia
  2. Daily life during Ramadan in Pakistan's Lahore
  3. Russia calls for assessment of latest terror attack in Syria
  4. Cambodia's general elections ready to kick off on Sunday
  5. 7 killed by armed men in northern Syria

Life&CultureRead more

  1. Press conference of Dance Drama "Drum God" held in Taipei
  2. US jeans brand presented at fashion show in HK
  3. Chinese version of Shakespeare's drama Charles III performed in Macedonia
  4. Sculpture in Beijing park commemorates classic song
  5. Ultimate master of Mianzhu woodblock prints

TibetRead more

  1. Tent: home of Tibetan nomads
  2. Interpreting sutra streamers in Tibetan-inhabited lands
  3. International conference on ancient Tibet studies held in Sichuan
  4. Lhasa to hold cycling race during Shoton Festival
  5. 2nd "Beauty of Tibet" Painting Contest kicks off in Beijing
One Heart • 2013 Beautiful Guangxi

Special CoverageRead more

PD Online DatabaseRead more

  1. Video: Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang address NPC closing session
  2. Video: Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
  3. CPPCC chairman delivers speech
  4. Profile: Xi Jinping
  5. Profile: Li Keqiang
  6. Profile: Zhang Dejiang
  7. Profile: Yu Zhengsheng
  8. Profile: Liu Yunshan
  9. Profile: Wang Qishan
  10. Profile: Zhang Gaoli
  11. Report on China's economic, social development plan
  12. Report on the Work of the Government
  13. China's parliament endorses new cabinet lineup
  14. China unveils new cabinet

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