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Bo's case shows China's anti-corruption consensus

By Meng Na and Fu Shuangqi (Xinhua)

19:59, July 26, 2013

BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhua) -- Bo Xilai, a former member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, was charged with bribery, embezzlement and abusing his power on Thursday.

News of the case has been widely circulated. Chinese netizens have said that the case demonstrates the CPC's resolve in bringing corrupt officials to justice.

The indictment, as well as feedback from Chinese public, shows that a major consensus has been reached within the Party and the whole society that China must resolutely crack down on corruption and uphold the rule of law.

The facts have repeatedly shown that in China, people will be held accountable and severely punished if they break the law, no matter who they are.

After taking the helm of the CPC in November 2012, the new CPC leadership has paid great attention to fighting corruption, calling on the whole Party to stay on full alert, as corruption is a threat to the Party's survival.

Earlier this month, former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun was given a suspended death penalty for bribery and abuse of power. Liu's sentence followed the recent sacking and investigation of several senior officials for suspected violations of law and disciplines.

On the extended list were Liu Tienan, former vice minister in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Li Chuncheng, former vice secretary of the CPC Committee of Sichuan Province.

During a CPC disciplinary watchdog meeting held in January, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, vowed to unswervingly fight against corruption and keep power reined within a "cage of regulations."

A disciplinary, prevention and guarantee mechanism should be set up to ensure that people do not dare to, are not able to and cannot easily commit corruption, Xi said at the meeting.

The CPC is leading the world's second-largest economy by deepening reform and maintaining sustainable growth. It is also leading the Chinese people in pursuing the "Chinese dream," within which the rule of law is an indispensable element.

About three weeks after Xi was elected general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, he made a speech marking the 30th anniversary of the implementation of China's 1982 Constitution.

In the speech, he stressed that no organization or individual has the special right to overstep the Constitution or law, adding that anyone who does violate the Constitution and the law must be held accountable.

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