Kazakhstan-China relations thriving under Belt and Road Initiative, says expert

By Sheng Chuyi (People's Daily Online) 14:38, July 05, 2024

Kazakhstan-China relations are thriving, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has brought significant benefits to both countries, said Gulnar Shaimergenova, director of the Kazakhstan's China Studies Center (CSC), in a recent interview with People's Daily Online.

Gulnar Shaimergenova, director of the Kazakhstan's China Studies Center (CSC), receives an interview with People's Daily Online. (Photo provided to People's Daily Online)

Kazakhstan-China relations reach new heights

Shaimergenova noted that relations between Kazakhstan and China have steadily progressed in the spirit of friendship, good neighborliness, and a permanent comprehensive strategic partnership.

She highlighted recent agreements between the two countries, such as visa-free travel, the establishment of cultural centers, and the opening of branches of top Chinese universities in Kazakhstan, as concrete steps to boost mutual understanding and cooperation.

"These initiatives are not just symbolic but represent a tangible commitment to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation," she said.

Shaimergenova cited the Khorgos Gateway, a major port on the Kazakhstan-China border, as an example of this cooperation, which has significantly boosted trade and economic development in the region.

Belt and Road Initiative brings tangible benefits

Praising the BRI for its positive impact on both Kazakhstan and China, Shaimergenova pointed to the modernization of over 2,500 kilometers of national railways and 12,500 kilometers of highways in Kazakhstan as evidence of the initiative's benefits.

"This infrastructure development has not only improved connectivity but also boosted local economies and created jobs," she added.

The expert also underscored the strategic importance of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and the need to enhance its capacity through digital solutions and infrastructure modernization. "The potential of this route is immense, and optimizing it can significantly reduce transportation costs and time," she stated.

SCO Summit focuses on regional security and cooperation

The 24th Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) kicked off on Thursday in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Commenting on the role of the SCO, Shaimergenova said, "The SCO acts as a stabilizing force by fostering mutual trust and collaboration among member states, which helps to address security concerns and boosts economic development."

Looking ahead, Shaimergenova stated that the CSC will continue to study China's culture, history, and modernization.

"Our goal is to provide objective information and alternative perspectives on China's development, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation," she concluded.

 (Tuo Zhouyu, as an intern, also contributed to this article.)

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