China supports UNSC's early reconsideration of Palestine's application to join UN

(Xinhua) 13:06, May 11, 2024

UNITED NATIONS, May 10 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday expressed support for the UN Security Council (UNSC) to reconsider Palestine's application to join the world body.

China's permanent representative to the UN Fu Cong emphasized the need for Palestine to be granted full UN membership in his address at the Tenth Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly.

Fu highlighted that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been cyclical for decades, causing generations of Palestinians to "lose their home and live in displacement under occupation."

He described the situation as a "wound of the world that is constantly ripped open and bleeding."

Fu stressed that "independent statehood has been a long-cherished aspiration of the Palestinian people" and full UN membership is a crucial step in this historic process.

He insisted that "Palestine should have the same status as Israel," and it is the international community's "common responsibility to support and advance the process of Palestine's independent statehood" to ensure the "implementation of the two-state solution and lasting peace in the Middle East."

Reflecting on recent developments, Fu expressed regret that "Palestine's application for full UN membership was mercilessly vetoed by the United States in the Security Council on April 18."

He criticized the United States for using its veto power to obstruct efforts to correct historical injustice against Palestine, stating that this is "not commensurate with the role of a responsible major country."

The General Assembly's emergency special session adopted a resolution by an overwhelming majority, reaffirming the Palestinian people's right to self-determination, recognizing Palestine's qualification for full UN membership, and recommending that the Security Council reconsider its application.

"China welcomes this historic resolution, which reflects the will of the international community," Fu said, noting that China co-sponsored the resolution and hoped that "the relevant country will not create further delays or hurdles."

The resolution also includes provisions for Palestine's participation in UN activities, granting additional rights and privileges. Fu explained that these are "special modalities decided on for a lack of other options as a remedy for the historical injustice long endured by Palestine" and as a correction to the U.S. abuse of its veto power.

He said that these modalities, adopted within the limits permitted by the UN Charter, will "enable the international community to listen more adequately to the voice of Palestine" and assist in facilitating dialogue and negotiations with Israel on a relatively equal footing.

Fu emphasized that these arrangements are exceptional and not a precedent, expressing confidence that one day Palestine "will become a full UN member and enjoy full and equal rights in the UN like other member states."

Fu concluded by addressing the ongoing conflict, identifying the lack of implementation of the two-state solution as the core issue.

He urged Israel to "stop the collective punishment of the Gaza population," halt its military actions in Rafah, and remove all restrictions on humanitarian goods entering Gaza.

In the West Bank, Fu called for an end to settlement activities and a reduction in settler violence.

He reaffirmed China's commitment to playing a constructive role in achieving an immediate ceasefire, revitalizing the two-state solution, and promoting peaceful coexistence and lasting stability in the Middle East.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Zhong Wenxing)


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