China's achievements in agriculture, poverty reduction inspire other developing countries, says Ghanaian official

(Xinhua) 13:12, July 11, 2023

ACCRA, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Ghana and other developing countries could learn valuable lessons from China's achievements in agriculture development and poverty reduction, a Ghanaian official has said.

Speaking to Xinhua in a recent interview, Edward Kareweh, general secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union in Ghana, said China's strides in these areas inspire developing countries.

"China is making impressive progress in getting their people out of poverty. The Chinese population hitherto largely consists of farmers, and the structure is like what we have here, but through hard work, the Chinese government has been able to lift the population out of absolute poverty," Kareweh stated.

The recipe for China's success, Kareweh said, is the government put the Chinese people and their welfare at the center, which also enlightened Ghana and any other African country in fostering its agriculture and dealing with poverty.

He praised China's broad-based support for Ghana's development in the past and called for more support for the West African country to achieve its sustainable development goals.

"We admire China for the progress they have made in improving the lives of farmers," Kareweh said, noting that Ghana is a rural agrarian society with agriculture as the bedrock of the economy, and technical assistance from China would go a long way to help improve the agriculture sector.

China's consistent support for Ghana's development will achieve win-win outcomes, he added.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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