Profile: A CPC national congress delegate pursuing innovation

(Xinhua) 11:01, September 28, 2022

TIANJIN, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- Zhang Liming, a delegate to the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is well-known for his innovative prowess.

His innovations, which include a protective device for high-voltage grid facilities and an extractable grid switch, were displayed at the World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference held in August in north China's Tianjin Municipality.

"Although I attained education only at a vocational school, as long as I have a belief in lifelong learning, I can still achieve results," Zhang said.

He is currently the leader of the emergency repair team at the State Grid Tianjin Binhai Electric Power Supply Company and has more than three decades of experience in grid repair works.

When he first entered this field, Zhang learned from veteran workers how to take notes while walking along power lines and familiarize himself with the surrounding environment.

With years of experience, he has honed a high level of expertise in fixing power faults. Zhang can quickly and accurately determine the cause and point of the fault according to the scope of the power outage, weather conditions and line conditions, enabling him to timely restore power transmission.

He said he has been focusing more on innovation at work and that his innovations attempt to make grid maintenance safer and more efficient.

He is currently busy working on this latest innovation project -- a movable charging gun for a fixed vehicle charging pole that can cover six parking spaces.

Zhang said that by modifying fixed charging poles to include movable charging guns, charging electric cars can be made more convenient, cost-effective, and simple for everyday use.

Zhang said he feels deeply "honored" to be elected as a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the CPC.

Zhang's innovation studio has a robot that he developed on his own. This fourth-generation robot has been utilized in grid repair work in 20 Chinese provinces.

Robots can assist or replace humans in high-altitude grid repair works, Zhang said, adding that he has been striving to make the robots smarter and lighter through various modifications.

Zhang's innovation studio has been designated as a base for fostering talents in innovation, and it has helped 63 such studios and more than 2,000 "blue-collar" talents in achieving success.

"I believe that the wisdom of workers can gather great strength to push China's independent innovation to a new level," said Zhang. 

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Liang Jun)


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