Playing frisbee becomes trendy niche sport among Chinese youngsters in recent years

(People's Daily Online) 10:57, July 15, 2022

Playing frisbee, or flying disc, has emerged as a popular sport among young people in cities across China.

In recent years, it has become one of the favorite niche sports among Chinese youths, according to a report on niche sports among young people released by an institute engaged in research on the subject.

Frisbee-related content on one of the mainstream Chinese social media platforms increased by six times year-on-year, according to a report on the top 10 lifestyle trends in 2022 published by the platform.

(Shaanxi Daily/Zhao Chenwen)

Data from the Chinese Flying Disc Administrative Committee has shown that about 500,000 people played frisbee in China last year. This figure is moreover expected to increase exponentially this year.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Frisbee was officially listed as a compulsory education curriculum by the Ministry of Education in April.

On July 7, the General Administration of Sports of China announced that the country would launch its first flying disc league in the second half of this year in various cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

All these trends and developments indicate that playing frisbee has gained great popularity in China as a physical exercise and social activity.

The popularity of the sport has a great deal to do with the way each game is played. The sport is easy to set up and play, while no prior experience is needed for anyone wishing to join in on a game. It is easier for people to continue playing frisbee because even new players can gain a sense of achievement soon after they begin to play.

“I tried other physical activities such as jogging but then quit. Playing frisbee is an exception,” said Wang Bin, who is now a frisbee coach. “Throwing a frisbee and catching a frisbee give you a sense of achievement and can help lift your mood,” Wang added.

Currently, most players play Ultimate Frisbee, a kind of non-contact team sport. The game is played by two opposing teams, each consisting of any mix of men and women, and the rules are simple. By cooperating with other team members, those players able to catch the frisbee in the designated area on one end of the court can score a point for their team.

Frisbee also helps players to eliminate social barriers and provides a way to meet like-minded friends. It’s a self-refereed team sport, and players need to communicate with each other prior to, during and after a game.

“After I took up a job, I seldom made any new friends. But I met many interesting people through playing frisbee,” said Wen Zhe, a frisbee enthusiast.

The sport is also affordable. A frisbee on a Chinese e-commerce platform is usually priced between 50 yuan (about $7.4) and 150 yuan.

Some frisbee players said they like the sport because it helps them burn excess fat. According to one frisbee enthusiast, a single frisbee competition can help a player burn up to more than 900 calories.

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