China issues white paper on protecting rights of Xinjiang's ethnic groups

(Xinhua) 13:58, July 14, 2021

BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council Information Office Wednesday issued a white paper detailing the country's progress in protecting the rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The white paper, titled "Respecting and Protecting the Rights of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang," said the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have upheld a people-centered approach to human rights protection and Xinjiang has made steady progress in this regard over the past 70-plus years.

"China has given priority to securing and improving people's wellbeing, advanced various undertakings in Xinjiang, and shared the fruits of reform and development with people of all ethnic groups, so as to guarantee their equal rights to participation and development," said the document.

It noted that the Chinese government makes full use of its institutional strengths, pools the efforts of all sectors of society, and promotes the rapid development of all undertakings in Xinjiang.

"The ethnic groups in Xinjiang unite and work together to achieve common development and prosperity. The political, economic, social, cultural, and many other rights of the people of every ethnic group are effectively guaranteed," said the document.

In addition to a preface and a conclusion, the white paper consists of seven sections - "Civil Rights," "Political Rights,""Economic Rights," "Cultural Rights," "Social Rights," "Rights of Women and Children," and "Freedom of Religious Belief."

While hailing the progress in human rights protection in Xinjiang, the white paper also slammed some foreign media and politicians for spreading rumors, distortions, and complete fabrications about Xinjiang.

"This is a calculated campaign to undermine the Chinese government's enormous efforts to protect ethnic equality, and misrepresent the historic progress that has been made on human rights in the region," said the document.

"Their goals are to discredit China, interfere in China's internal affairs, restrict China's development, and destroy stability and prosperity in Xinjiang," it said, adding that such a smear campaign has aroused indignation among the Chinese people and is condemned by the international community.

As Xinjiang has achieved moderate prosperity in all respects together with the rest of the country and embarked on a new journey of building China into a modern socialist country, all the people of Xinjiang will enjoy a happier and more prosperous life, said the document. 

Full text: Respecting and Protecting the Rights of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang


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